We help large corporations better understand various consumer market segments in order to increase customer loyalty and positively impact their bottom line.

We especially know the African-American market. Since 1995, we’ve talked with thousands of African Americans about their beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and usage of hundreds of products and services.

We use our ground breaking African-American insights such as the African-American Filter, The Invisible (Profitable) Middle™ and the Boomerang Effect™  to keep clients connected and informed in order to effectively engage consumers.


Our “Big Idea” cultural immersion workshops and ideation sessions have helped many clients including Kraft, General Mills, Macy’s and Luster Products:

Your organization will

  • better understand multicultural consumers
  • develop bigger, richer ideas through structured, strategic brainstorming
  • leave uplifted, with the tools needed to optimize thinking with ethnic-inspired insights

MarketSpeak Insider™

A reality based research platform

The MARKET SPEAK process provides an in depth analysis of everyday life of consumers in real time. 

We meet your customers on their own turf that puts us in their world. Our turn-key process allows us to recruit thousands of consumers from every walk of life, economic strata and ethnicity.

  • Consumers use their mobile device to share experiences while shopping or using a product or service in a particular environment.
  • Clients have the option to have consumers blog about their  experience and participate in live video chats.
  • Findings can be used for presentations and for social media content.

Our Services

For over 30 years, Pepper has been leading market research analyses and strategy. Let us help you.

  • Traditional/Digital focus groups
  • Digital bulletin boards
  • Expert/Executive interviews
  • Shop-a-logs & Video diaries
  • Ethnographies
  • Digital/Telephone surveys
  • Segmentation studies
  • Audience feedback using real-time electronic data collection
  • Central location interviews
  • Strategic platform development
  • Creative Briefs/Strategy
  • Cultural intelligence & Corporate keynotes
  • Business ideation workshops
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